That Photobooth Rocks is a fun new way to capture your social event or corporate function.

We take the old idea that the best photographs are ‘unstaged’ and turns it completely on its head. When you step into our photobooth, you and your friends take centre-stage in your very own photo shoot.

We let you be both the director and star of the show, allowing you to reveal the silly, funny, beautiful and outrageous sides to your personality. Your creativity and imagination are free to run wild, allowing you to create truly unique memories of your special event or occasion without any of the hassle or awkwardness of a regular photoshoot.

Having spent years as traditional wedding and event photographers, we understand the importance of capturing an event with as little fuss as possible.

With That PhotoBooth Rocks, the process is simple, uncomplicated, and above all fun. All you need to do is get in the line, step into the light, and pose like the rockstar you are!



Our simple yet stylish booths can instantly take lasting mementos for all your guests to remember this special day without taking the limelight away from the two most important people in the room- The newlyweds.


Corporate Functions

That PhotoBooth Rocks corporate gatherings as well! Allow us to bring the glitz and glamour of Hollywood right to your event. We’ll make everyone look and feel like a star while customizing the photos with your business name and logos in an array of colorful and fully personalized templates.


Social Events

Our photobooths are stocked and ready to rock with a wide range of props and costumes to suit almost any occasion. From birthdays, graduations, engagements, and even farewells, we’ll ensure everyone goes home with fun and colorful memories of an unforgettable event. Prints can be fully customized according to your theme.